Sheila Novak

Mrs. Sheila Novak

Sheila Novak


Period 1 and 2: AP Literature and Composition - Seniors

Period 4, 5 and 6: English 5-6 - Junior English

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623-915-8760 ext. 2924
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Thank you for visiting my webpage! A little about myself:  
I love teaching language arts at Sunnyslope High School. I have always been an avid reader of literature and non-fiction, and I appreciate the tremendous value of clear and descriptive writing.  I have been teaching at SHS for 17 years and have taught all four grade levels of language arts.  I believe in the value of high expectations for students; by believing that students can reach their highest potential and by expecting their very best, students can succeed.  I enjoy teaching and advising the Education Professions program and Future Educators Association chapter here at Sunnyslope. This is a career and technical education program designed for students interested in a career in education, and it provides general information about learning and teaching as well as hands-on, practical experience through an internship.  The welcoming, productive work environment and our fantastic students make working at SHS a privilege.