Vikingtown Teaches Unity, Respect

Slope Students Impacted by Leadership & Diversity Camp
Posted on 2020/01/30
Every other year, Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to travel to Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott for Vikingtown Leadership and Diversity Camp. This month, sixty-seven students, along with eight adult advisors headed “up the hill” for the relationship and awareness building experience. The theme of the program was, as it has been for over twenty-five years: “Learning A Better Respect and Understanding of All People.”

Modeled after the national organizations “Anytown” and “Unitown,” peer leaders help students develop a better understanding of and respect for self and others at Sunnyslope and the greater world community through structured small group activities and large group discussions. Vikingtown teaches our students how to listen with the intent to understand, build skills in civil discourse, and to develop as leaders—all attributes that contribute to a more healthy, productive and empathetic Slope community and a better world.

The knowledge they have gained and the feelings they have expressed stay with them forever. One student reflected after the camp: “It (Vikingtown) was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I grew so much and made so many new bonds.” Another student stated: “I plan to use my voice to speak up more when something makes me uncomfortable. There are jokes, false statements and assumptions I hear every day that I want to end.” Vikingtown is a wonderful opportunity to encourage our students to “Be the Change” through seeking to understand and showing respect to all people. Vikingtown! Vikingtown! That’s Us!