Shadowing/ Tour Requests

Please read all the information before submitting a request.  Thank you!

When is shadowing/tour season?

1st semester shadowing will begin the first week of October and run through the first week of December.

2nd semester shadowing will begin the first week of February and run through the first week of April.

What is dress code/ school rules?
As a public high school, our dress code can be summarized by the word "appropriate".  Students are able to wear their normal street clothes, if you come from a school with uniforms, but they cannot have profanity or vulgar messages on them.  
Students who shadow are expected to follow the school rules as outlined in our handbook.  Any shadowing student that does not follow the rules will be brought back up to the office, where an administrator will call parents to come and pick up their student.  

Who can shadow?

1st semester can be any 8th grade student that is interested in coming to Sunnyslope and does NOT live within the Glendale Union High School boundaries.  Meaning, if you are not slated for a GUHSD school, then a shadow request form can be submitted and scheduled if availability allows. 

2nd semester can be any 8th grade student in or out of district that is interested in coming to Sunnyslope.  (if availability allows)

What is the shadowing program?

Sunnyslope High School has a shadowing program available to students who are interested in being a part of our campus for a day.  This is an opportunity for 8th grade students who are not enrolled at Sunnyslope to see our school climate, and amazing classes.

Who does the student shadow?

Students will shadow an upper class man from various clubs on campus.  Since they are upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) they understand our campus traditions more and are better equipped to answer questions regarding classes and curriculum. 

Unfortunately, we do not allow requests of students.  We do try and match based on gender and academic level.  

When can my student shadow?

Scheduling is flexible between full and half days.  We do not schedule on Mondays or the day before a holiday break.  Shadows are limited to only 2 a day, therefore it is first come first serve. 

How do I get my student scheduled?

To get your student signed up, please fill out the attached form by clicking HERE and submit it to Victoria Christensen, a counselor at Sunnyslope High School. Please email the form to or fax the form to 623.915.8762.  For general questions you can contact Mrs. Christensen at 623.915.8777.

Tour Request
Parents who are interested in taking a tour of our school with your students, please fill out the attached form by clicking
 HERE.  Tours are not limited to 8th grade students only and can be any grade level that is interested in choosing Sunnyslope HS for their future HS career.  You can send your tour request to Victoria Christensen at or fax to 623.915.8762.

**Please note that if you are already within the GUHSD boundaries, tours will have to wait until after future freshman night in January 2020.