Counselor’s Page

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! The counselors have been working hard to ensure students are placed in the proper classes and that class sizes are as even as can be to promote an optimal learning environment.  Along with numerous meetings they’ve had with students, parents, and teachers, the counselors are in the process of preparing for senior credit checks.                                                                                                                
During these conferences, copies of credit reports are given to the students. These are referenced to make certain the student is on track to graduate and to qualify for the type of diploma they are pursuing. Using the
 Senior Credit Check form, counselors will write down the name of the college, university, or technical/trade school the student plans on attending. If joining the military is the preferred post-high school route to be taken, this will be noted. At the same time, guidance on how these options may be accessed will be provided.

Counselors are also preparing for freshman ECAP’s (Education Career and Action Plans), which they will meet with their freshman students and parents to discuss their four year plan.  During these conferences, counselors look at the student’s future college and career goals and work to create a four year plan that will get them where they want to be.

Ranked as an A+ School by the Arizona Department of Education, Sunnyslope High School is dedicated to providing your son or daughter with a rich experience that not only includes a rigorous course of study that will ensure success in future academic endeavors, but also includes a welcoming environment that invites the students to engage in opportunities to grow both physically and socially. With this said, the Counseling Department promises to extend its very best efforts to see that your student reaches these goals.

Jason Robertson
Guidance Counseling Department Chair
Sunnyslope High School