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'Slope Plans
 Looking for a technology lesson plan to help teach a difficult concept? Maybe you need a practice lesson for a district PBA. 'Slope Plans are here for you. These are teacher tested lesson plans that are age group appropriate. Here are a couple of links to view.
1. Persuasive Essay -
    World History - King Tut: Was it Murder
    English - Media and Violence: A Five Paragraph Essay
2. Science - Sea World: Diversity of Life
3. Math - Explain Geometry
4. US History - Liberty: Ideals of the Revolution
5. Turnitin.com -  Teachers can have students turn in assignments to check for plagerism

6. Government- Look who's Footing the Bill- An Introductory WebQuest on Democracy and the National Debt
7.America Industrialization - The start of the Industrial Revolution.
8. Rome: Past and Present - How much was ancient Rome similar to our Society.
9.Free Online English Grammar Resources

10.Titanic WebQuests - Social Studies insight into the happenings of the Titanic.
 Webquests and Ed. plans for American Histroy
Quiz maker - Online Education and Interactive Learning
AP History Sites -  AP US History practices and tips
AP Prep - Science & Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language.