Parent Resources

All student grades are posted in Synergy.
Teachers also use online classroom management sites like Canvas or Google Classroom where you may be able to access more details about your child's academic progress.


Activate an account at ParentVue and then login
to view your student's grades.


For courses that utilize Canvas, parents can create a  Parent Account to track their student's progress. Here are the directions for creating the account:

First, the student needs to log-in and click on the circle in the top left that is their Account icon. Then they go to "Settings > Pair with Observer" to generate the Student Pairing code. This code is the one the parent needs.

Back on the  Canvas  login page, there is a link that says "Click here for an Account." 


For courses that utilize Google Classroom, teachers have the option of setting up "Guardian Email Summaries."  Please email the teacher to ask about this feature.
Click here to learn more.