Andrew LaRusch

Andrew LaRusch

Instrumental Music Director

Mr. LaRusch

Mr. LaRusch is a former resident of San Diego, California. After graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, he moved to Phoenix with his family to teach at Sunnyslope High School. This will be his 10th year teaching at Sunnyslope.

During his time at Sunnyslope, Mr. LaRusch has fostered the growth of the instrumental music program from 27 in band and 20 in orchestra, to over 100 band and over 40 orchestra each year.

Mr. LaRusch is proud to teach the following classes:

  • 0 Period - Jazz Band (Begins at 6:45am)
  • 1st Period - Advanced Band
  • 2nd Period - Percussion Ensemble
  • 3rd Period - Beginning Band (for all first year musicians)
  • 4th Period - Orchestra

To reach Mr. LaRusch directly...
Call 623.915.8775 or E-mail him by clicking the 'Contact Me' link in the column to the left.
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